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Individual and group business leadership coaching interventions empower coachees to show up as their most magnificent self.
In a world characterised by continuous partial attention, coachees are enabled to think deeply about themes important to them.
Creative tension is developed and coachees embark on their journey to their preferred future.


A to Z short courses target and resolve skills deficits. Coach facilitated training empowers delegates to think at deeper levels while on-boarding new skills. Delegates are equipped to become prolific creative thinkers and pragmatic problem solvers in their spheres of influence.


Identifying and remedying factors that impede business health and profitability.
Toxic corporate culture, unmet internal & external client expectations, one dimensional thinking, unresolved conflict and other ailments can beset even the best businesses.
A variety of bespoke tools get to the heart of issues to ensure your business is restored to health and enabled to perform to its optimum potential.


Fun and impactful learning in Accounting and Business Studies prepares students for their examinations and the real world of work.
Our engaging "Ask, don’t tell" approach rekindles curiosity and a love of learning in students.
Powerful insights are formed as theory and practice are coupled in authentic ways.